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At Willy Burger, we are direct and to the point. We do things differently than the other 99% of “so-called” hamburger joints. Our hamburgers are made from USDA Certified Angus Beef. We grind our meat every single day in our open-concept kitchen….for all to see, we have NOTHING to hide!! We begin with a 60-pound side of beef, strip it, and grind it fresh every morning. Then, we hand-form our fresh patties and cook ‘em on an old-school flat top griddle. We use “pillow-soft” buns which are toasted on the grill next to your burger. Amongst many other burger toppings, we fry our fresh, thick-cut bacon and then we grill our onions & jalapenos in the bacon grease…..heck yeah!! Our onion rings are “Cadillac”, the best of the best!!…..hand-dipped and cooked per order directly in front of you!! We have old-fashion soft serve ice cream, malts & shakes…..yummy for yo tummy!!!

We offer several burger alternatives including fresh grilled tuna, freshly grilled chicken, and grilled Portobello mushroom/veggie burgers. Gluten-free buns are also available.

Willy Burger is an authentic hamburger operation…..complete with bar stools overlooking the kitchen and an amazing vintage neon sign lighting up the outside parking lot.

Come see us, we the “real deal”…….ummmmhmmm.

Peace, Willy



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